Includes acclaimed Focus on Focus video which has received over 2,900 views on YouTube and Eds website.


Also included are over ten solo performances, some of which have been seen thousands of times on YouTube. The Solo for Plunger, Voice and Trombone has already been viewed 154,00 times on youTube.

DVD for all Brass Players: This DVD contains several lectures by Ed Neumeister covering the subjects of Posture, Breathing, Building Technique, Slide Technique, Articulations, caring for and cleaning the instrument, Improvisation and more, plus several examples of solo improvisational etudes. Includes Practice with Ed Chapters and even an improvised duet with you and Ed. Also includes acclaimed lecture demonstration video by Ed: Focus on Focus.

Creative Practicing - Practice Creatively: $49.00 plus shipping as DVD mailed by Post.

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Creative Practicing - Practice Creatively